First Appearance: Pasadena, CA (August 1992)
Created by: God
Alter ego: Dallas
Team Affiliations: Payasos
Partnerships: Kayos
Notable Aliases: Sweet Tooth, Anarchy, K.Spree, Guns, Kid Crack, Skeletor
Abilities: TBD

Chedda Cheese vs. Arcane

I have to give it up for Arcane. I’m not a fan of his, but he impressed me here more than he ever has. He’s finally showing why he had that chain all that time ago. Chedda is always dope to me so I knew he’d be impressive. The first round was almost too close to call for me, but Arcane kinda edged it with that Kraft singles line and the alliteration bars. I’d say Chedda got round 2 easily and Arcane got round 3 just as easily. Very close battle.

Arcane deserved the win by a little bit.

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